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As the founder of Freshwater Pressure Washing, I have always felt incredibly blessed to have been born and raised on the shores of the delta where the Detroit River meets Lake Erie, one of Michigan’s truly ‘Great Lakes’. For well over a century, my family has held a special bond with our precious lakes and river systems, due to the peace and tranquility, unique beauty, the abundance of waterfowl, wildlife and the various other wonders and activities these waters provide. Over the years, our ‘extended downriver family’ (you know who you are) has grown larger, closer together and continues to collectively impress upon others the passion and urgency to ‘preserve and conserve’ our planet for all the future freshwater nature lovers to come. 

As far back as I am able to remember, I have always felt free from worry and stress while on the water, whether it be a lake or river.  I guess it’s where I tend to feel secluded and safe from the general pressures of everyday life. Our ancestor’s heritage, along with my father’s hard work and dedication to his family are how I became such an avid water lover with the inherent desire to always do my part to protect the environment, with special attention given to our fine lakes and river systems. I also have always appreciated and acknowledged how fortunate we are to have been ‘placed’ in this region to plant our roots and explore what raw nature has to offer. For those reasons and a multitude of others, I have never taken the water nor the childhood I was blessed with, for granted. I hold a deep appreciation for the beauty, purpose and power of this most vital resource. This is mainly due to ‘who’ I am as a person, but also from a few sudden and frightening ‘life experiences’ that instantly remind you of water’s raw force, fragility and its absolute necessity… as “it can giveth and it can taketh away”. Respect it.


From boating the Great Lakes, fly-fishing or kayaking numerous Michigan rivers, and even triathlon swim legs in three of the Great Lakes (and a few inland lakes)… thankfully I am still exploring and experiencing this great state, while trying not to leave many stones unturned. Thanks to those in my life who have made these experiences possible and memorable. I wouldn’t change anything… well… other than having more time with my late mother and father, my ‘inspirations’ for all things beautiful and kind… and all that I wish to be. But it does please me that the younger generation(s) of our family are already rooted here for the duration, or they are coming back to re-plant their roots as most seem to do. It is truly a uniquely special place.


By far, the biggest blessings and life changing moments for me were the births of the two most amazing children on the planet, my best buddy Tommy and my angel face Anna. And yes, I am allowed to be partial! They both have always been beyond mature, smart, kind, wise, caring, loving, generous, appreciative, outgoing, earth conscious and much, much more. Now young adults, they both are on their own paths to do really great things and live really righteous lives. I could not be more proud of who they are and what they are capable of giving to this world. I have actually said many times to many people over the last few years, “I want to grow up to be just like my kids”! I haven’t lost hope yet.


As the preservation of our precious water resource becomes more and more critical by the minute, Freshwater Pressure Washing pledges to continue to do everything within our power to not only protect the environment, but to also provide as many beautifying enhancements as possible along the way. 


With all of that said, I hope we all can attempt to exhibit a little more love and gratitude and a lot more care attention for these precious resources that are unique to our ‘Great Lakes’ state. Please do your part and respect the earth… it honestly is the only one we’ve got!


Keep it clean and pay it forward.


Forever Grateful,


Matt Shumate


Provide the utmost in customer service, tread lightly on the environment, continuously strive to create opportunities to aid in unifying the global community.


A love and passion for nature’s magical and wild places requires a conscious effort to preserve them, and to educate future generations about their essential role in halting the decline of earth’s overall health and well-being.

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